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My current website has been a rushed and harried affair, essentially so that I have a place to blog – effectively replacing the streams of emails that are sent to friends and family who enjoy the ride of traveling with me.

Eventually, once we have a more professional setting, we’ll be providing email and postal details for companies wishing to contact us if they have a product that they’d like ‘That review Place’ to preview or review.

So, what do we envisage for the future?

Your product needs to be in keeping with our themes of Travel, Literature and Concerts.

What does us reviewing your product mean for you the provider? Or should I say – what doesn’t it mean. Well, it means that we don’t just hand out rave, fabulous reviews with a touch of wit because you think you have the hottest product in town.

Basically, if you give us a crappy book to read, a hotel from hell to visit, or have us fly with you and we repeat Hail Marys all the way to landing at our destination – well, you’re going to receive the appropriate accolade.

Because the last thing I want is to have total strangers chasing me through the street or at an airport lounge, while we provide a pantomime type performance to the general public because that particular person was dissatisfied with a product that they proceeded to buy or use based on the review I wrote for them.

Essentially our reviews are going to be truthful, if you’re offering great service and a great product – we’ll say so.  If we are dealing with a company who is making life hell – We’re going to say so. Because as a potential customer, you shouldn’t  have to put up with ghastly service or deal with an establishment who’s trying to pull the wool over your eyes, and fleece you blind.  That’s what we’re here for – being the Guinea Pig, so you don’t have to.


That said, if you sign up to read our posts and reviews, you don’t get to come back and take action against us (or me)  because the product you went and brought or tried didn’t match up to expectations based on what you read here.  Remember establishments change hands, staff turnover, and like a revolving door – what was good one day, may not be good the next.  I can only write about what I experienced when I visited on the day or the experience I took away with me when I was dealing with a hotel, website or airline while I was using them.

And I promise, hand on my heart that 2015 will not be quite so frenetic as the one just past & our website will be up and running. It will be baby steps, but we will get there.

I can be contacted as follows:

Writing as: Isabella Hamilton


Postal Address: PO Box 5016, Lyneham ACT 2602, Australia.




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