About us

This site was developed in response to rave reviews from sets of emails sent to friends and family on past treks to wild jungles and exotic locations.  So far, I’ve managed to cause myself no end of angst and stress for this trip –  just trying to set this blog in motion.  That said I am a girl who likes to leave things until the last possible moment.

If nothing else, the delicious collection of posts and pics soon to be published from far away lands, should provide a brightness to the tedium of your day.  If you find yourself enveloped in a cloak of boredom, this my friend is the place to come to for that happy pick me up, to brighten your day.


I beg you, and give fair warning – beware of holding coffee cup and biscuit in hand over your much loved electronic device when visiting, lest you be liable to spill your favourite beverage and choke with laughter! And, don’t say I didn’t give you fair warning!

And please, don’t swipe posts or photos for your own site. That’s called plagiarism.  If you want to use something from the site, please contact me to ask first, and then place the appropriate thanks on your own site as to where you received the material from.


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