Part 13: A long hiatus!

I am not sure what excuse should be offered up here! Such indolence and lack of self-discipline that leaves a trail of readers, in a state of suspended animation is quite unforgivable.

I’ve a little confession to make here – I’m a bit of a procrastinator! Ok, well hand on my heart. The absolute truth and nothing but the truth! I drag my heels over everything! Frankly, I’ll do ABSOLUTELY anything to get out of doing what I should be doing. Cleaning is a pet hate – but it’s amazing – I love cleaning like no other hobby I know of, if it’ll get me out of actually completing, say a university assignment, or this travel blog so that you get ‘an end’!

Let’s pause (no, not another year long pause of inertia) just a moment’s pause, while I riffle through my little book – ‘A dummies guide, 365 excuses for the year’! Packed full with a list of plausible offerings:-

  • I was actually sick. It lasted all through last Christmas – and no, I was not amused! (This was true.)
  • Before I knew it, I was back in Australia. (And it did happen!)
  • I ditched my boyfriend, as soon as my feet hit Australian soil! (Um, this is really true too.)
  • Then work got busy. (But, work is always busy.)
  • Oh, and then I got really great Advance Reader Copies of books – I had to read them and then write reviews. Yes, my website still isn’t set up, so they keep being posted to another website in the business of advertising books.
  • Golly gosh – then I found some cookbooks in the back of the garage. Yes, I just had to make some of the recipes. Cooking, is a rather, well, labor intensive sport. (But it was fun…..)
  • I browsed through website after website, looking for that next bargain airfare. (This is daily exercise.)
  • Then I got my heart broken. (I could write a novel, don’t get me started!)
  • Then I decided I should write up a budget. (Well, I do this annually!)
  • Then I decided I should clean the house. (It’s true too. Housework, is the modern woman’s form of slavery.)
  • I lined the cats up and sprayed them for pest control extermination – Fleas! NOTE: No animal was harmed during the process. (Although the Fleas may have looked slightly worse for wear!)

OK! I’ve said quite enough, and I think you get my drift! The next, Chapter, is drafted. I am now in proof-reading mode. (I promise, ok.) Hand on my heart.






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