Part 8: An, Interval!

The author is currently experiencing the following:

  • A blocked nose
  • A sore throat
  • Swollen Glands
  • My nose is so sore that I physically can no longer touch it.  According to an online search I have the possibility of a number of ailments:-  an addiction to cocaine and I require a nose reconstruction. (Have ignored this advice, because even with my fertile imagination, I know that this is absolutely impossible.) Apparently, it could also be an auto-immune disease (I ignore this also), picking my nose, (I haven’t been doing this either) or it could be caused by the herpes virus. Utterly charming.  I think it could just be because I have the flu, and have spent lots of time rubbing it with tissues.
  • I now have conjunctivitis in my left eye.
  • Despite religiously looking like a surgeon preparing for a major operation whereby I madly  wash from my hands to elbows with soap every 15 minutes;
  • It has now moved to my right eye. I don’t ever, ever recall having conjunctivitis and consider it a  disease spread by small children who share sandwiches, enjoy playing in the sand and who then think it’s fun to poke their fingers up each others noses.  I haven’t found children obnoxious enough to do this to so far, nor have any adults incited me to act in such an outrageous manner lately, for that matter.

Therefore, there may-be a slight delay until the release of the next segment.


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